It’s Time to Create a Long-Term Strategy

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It’s Time to Create a Long-Term Strategy

BY Skillset 08 Jul, 2020

When times are tough, the hardest thing to do is step aside from your business, distance yourself from what’s happening now and look at the bigger picture.

But that’s exactly what research from KPMG suggests you should do.

Now is the time to look forward and plan long-term business strategies. According to Business Australia you should imagine future scenarios, plan for them and be prepared to turn them into reality.


‘Identify the situation you’re in, work out how you arrived here, look at what you ‘Identify the situation you’re in, work out how you arrived here, look at what you can see of the immediate future, and then examine the various alternatives available to you.’
Charles Brass – Futures Foundation


How do you put a long-term strategy in place?

  • Practice long-term and creative thinking
  • Meet with your staff to develop ideas for strategic planning
  • Create business goals for the next 12 months, 5 and 10 years
  • Research your strategic ideas for viability
  • Set SMART goals to help you focus and make yourself accountable
  • Think Big!


Did you know? Companies that prioritise long-term value creation in their strategy and decision-making processes can deliver better and more stable financial performance than their peers.
Lars Kurznack and Raymond Timmer – KPMG Winning Strategies for the Long-Term 2019


The power of effective recruitment and upskilling for your business

Having a well-planned recruitment and upskilling strategy is one important component of your long-term business strategy to assist in increasing revenue, earnings and market growth. Upskilling your people can lead to increased sales, employee retention, and better customer service, creating a competitive business advantage that is difficult to be replicated.

  1. Identify business needs through skills development
    By carefully planning your business training requirements, you will quickly identify any skills gaps that need to be filled. Investing in the continuous upskilling of your employees can be a cost-effective solution.
  2. Retain your staff
    Upskilling instills a positive organisational culture and empowers employees to feel valued and to take greater ownership of their responsibilities, as well as increasing work satisfaction and productivity.
  3. Attract and secure top talent
    If your business is known for investing in its people and skills development, you will become an employer of choice. The best people want to work for the best companies who foster their talent, and these people will become your most effective company ambassadors and build your reputation in your local community.
  4. Gain happier customers and increased capability
    Your employees are one of your most important business assets. When you invest in your people, they become more engaged and productive. Your employees increase their knowledge and skills, ultimately providing better customer service, expanded business capabilities and sales.


Skillset is focused on recruiting the right people for your business every time.

We understand your business may be experiencing skills shortages or require specialist skills that you need to address now and for future business growth.

Skillset offers recruitment services for permanent and temporary roles and group training services for apprentices and trainees. We also offer career transition services.

Why partner with Skillset for your hiring needs?

  • Faster hiring
  • Extensive talent pool
  • Specialist knowledge
  • High quality candidates
  • Market insight
  • Premium service

By choosing to use Skillset for your staffing needs, your business will save time and money. You will be able to concentrate on what you do best – working in your business, while Skillset does what we do best – recruitment through our proven methodology!

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