We love to celebrate our staff achievements and good news. On this page we will be sharing our Values Victory Corner Nominations from each week.

These nominations showcase our Vision, Purpose and Values in action. Well done to the staff that have been nominated.

Nominees will also be awarded a certificate to proudly display!

You can nominate your fellow colleagues here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8LM7QF7

Nominations for the Week Ending 29.07.2022

Matthew Markwick


Matt’s seamless ability to finish the activation of a new host through working together with the GTO Team.


Tahrynn Hadson


Awesomeness and extreme efficiency.


Melanie Kelly

Helping Others

Despite Mel having to man reception quite a bit this past week due to COVID impacts, she has just taken it in her stride as well as managing her own workload, deadlines and on-boarding of multiple staff. She even took it upon herself to ensure Bathurst staff got their coffee fix on Wednesday when coffee van didn’t show up.

She is always positive and helpful and we are lucky to have her a part of the Skillset family!


Ben Ruddy


Ben is a great Manager always there for his team treating everyone with respect.


Patrick Hoolihan

Helping Others

For never batting an eyelid to help others.


Nicole Lees

Helping Others

At a recent site visit with Nicole, I received feedback from a supervisor that they really appreciate how Nicole is invested and supports the apprentices, trainees and labour hire on site. This supervisor, who was previously through CWGA said it is greatly notices and appreciated how she is on site and goes above and beyond. Well done Nicole!

Nominations for the Week Ending 22.07.2022

Katja Williams


Katja embodies all of Skillsets values, however she stands out with professionalism.


Benjamin Ruddy


Ben is one of the best at what he does and he treats everyone fairly and with respect


Ben Ruddy

Helping Others

Ben continues to always help others in need and never makes anyone feel like they can’t ask him for help. 🙂 Keep up the good work beno


Benji Ruddy

Helping Others

He is always happy to help out his team in anyway that he can


Grace Quinton

Helping Others

Grace embodies so many of Skillset’s values (collaboration, professionalism, helping others) and has demonstrated these values by assisting with the recent Mining recruitment in Mudgee.


Lauren Casani


Lauren should be commended on her efforts to pick up the pieces when moving to GTO. Lauren has taken over a massive workload and is doing an incredible job. She never gives up and will always give 100%. Well done Lozzie!


Rodney Ney


Rod has gone out of his way to help me complete my Safety inspections, as I have not been able to get to Dubbo, Rod has displayed his professionalism & stepped up and completed the overdue inspections.


Eliza Schoenmaker

Helping Others

Courteous and helpful to all visitors and staff


Amanda Ferguson


Amanda’s hard work in the schools and community, reflect brightly throughout the company. This week Amanda and the GTO team have been working together to help an SBAT.


Bronwyn Elliott

Helping Others

Bron has put in a huge effort to ensure all eofy rates were updated and the payroll team could achieve their deadlines.


Nicole Lees

Helping Others

At a recent site visit with Nicole, I received feedback from a supervisor that they really appreciate how Nicole is invested and supports the apprentices, trainees and labour hire on site. This supervisor, who was previously through CWGA said it is greatly notices and appreciated how she is on site and goes above and beyond. Well done Nicole!


Kym Hillard


Kym is a fantastic and fearless leader and an inspiration to both the recruitment team and the Skillset business as a whole. Thank you Kym for being dedicated and inspiring the Skillset community!


Nominations for the Week Ending 15.07.2022

Renae Lawson


Renae received feedback from two career link clients that she had been extremely professional.


Amanda Heeley


Amanda takes all requests and direction in her stride without any questions asked. Specifically Amanda implemented our Marketing requests when getting photos and seeking content for the post. Amanda’s quality of photos and content has been excellent. Thanks Amanda!!


For always creating a positive community spirit within the workplace – Amanda greets everyone with a happy “Hello Friends” and always takes time out of her busy day to have a conversation with different people. Amanda is just a joy to be around! x


Lauren and Derryn


The LH girls are an amazing team, who function incredibly well together in fact they do everything together. come to work together, go to lunch together, get sick together. cut the cord girls!


Kerry Moore


Kerry’s work within the Dubbo and it’s surrounding area is vital to the youth connect program and makes team work easy.


Kerry always acts in a professional way when dealing with her clientele


Rodney Ney


Rodney is professional and able to communicate clearly in all aspects of the work and office.


Eliza Schoenmaker


Always friendly and helpful to staff and guests.


Jessica McKay


As a team of two Jess has worked so hard to get me across all things marketing over the past couple of months. She has made it her priority to ensure I feel supported and that my ideas are valued. We don’t just work side by side, we work together and I love that!


Grace Quinton


Grace Quinton is a very respectful member of the skillset team. She respects her candidates and hosts and always strives to give the stakeholders the best experience. She respects all coworkers and should be commended on this! I love your work Champion!!


Anthea Koehn

Helping Others

For her hard work in organising the invite lists for our 40th celebrations. Anthea has liased with many many people to complete the list and get the correct data for Mudgee, Dubbo, Orange and Bathurst (all up about 450 individual names and direct contact details). Thank you for being such a huge support for team marketing!

Nominations for the Week Ending 08.07.2022

Lauren Casani – Helping Others 

Lauren is a flexible and adaptable team member, whatever is asked of her she does not hesitate to jump in and give it a red hot go! This week she is moving over to help the GTO team with their recruitment, kudos to Lauren for Helping Others.


Amanda Heeley – Helping Others 

Taking time to review work completed by others in the team and proof reading to ensure it is a high quality.


Patrick Hoolihan – Professionalism

Pat will always fit in or adjust his schedule to accommodate WHS inspections or D&A Testing.


Amanda Ferguson – Helping Others 

Amanda goes above and beyond to help others both work colleagues and clients


Emma Turcato – Helping Others 

Emma has shown great initiative in helping out with whatever and whenever she can, and especially with the upcoming Celebration Events. Emma has been a great addition to the Skillset team and has reinvigorated our marketing activities with her ideas! Well done Emma!


Mel Kelly – Helping Others 

Is always happy to help out when needed


Matt Markwick – Helping Others 

Going the extra distance in looking after injured Staff

Nominations for the Week Ending 01.07.2022

Jacqualine Sands – Collaboration

Jacqui and I worked quickly and efficiently together to ensure a preferred candidate was signed up and placed with a current host prior to the end of the Financial Year.


Robyn Isbester – Professionalism

Robyn goes above and beyond helping clients and she has been fantastic with apprentices who have recently been handed back from their host employer.

Robyn Isbester – Collaboration

Working hard to reach targets despite a disrupted month.


Eliza Schoenmaker – Helping Others

Eliza is always willing to help out whenever she can. She will always offer a helping hand and is a very thoughtful young woman.

Eliza Schoenmaker – Professionalism

Eliza shows great professionalism when at reception. When I walk past her desk and she is with a candidate or speaking on the phone she is very well-spoken and is able to deal with difficult candidates in a professional manner. She is a delight at the front desk and should be commended for her incredible work for her first job out of school.


Lauren Casani and Derryn Grobler – Collaboration

Lauren and Derryn do such an amazing job in Labour Hire. Since Lauren made the move from GTO they have worked extremely very well together as a team and are always meeting all expectations and deadlines they have. They are one of the best working teams within Skillset. Keep up the good work girls!


Bronwyn Elliot – Professionalism

Bron is super efficient and awesome at her job.


Millie Sal Y Rosas – Community

Keeping the accounts moving along whilst keeping the Peru contractors very happy.


Benjamin Ruddy – Integrity

A gentleman of complete integrity.


Rodney Ney – Collaboration

Working together to get the best outcome for trainees.


Katja Williams – Professionalism

Katja has a very professional approach to her job, Katja’s communication and phone manner with our clients is exceptional.


Kym Hilliard – Professionalism

For taking on whatever gets thrown at her without skipping a beat.


Renae Lawson – Collaboration

Working hard to reach targets despite a disrupted month.

Nominations for the Week Ending 24.06.2022

Sherry Merchant – Professionalism

Getting off the fags and helping with IT issues. What a legend!

Alex Cuttiford – Professionalism

Alex is always going above and beyond to support YC clients. His dedication and passion shines through everyday. He always conducts himself in a professional manner.

Jacqualine Sands and Amanda Heeley – Collaboration

YC received a referral from Jacqui, Amanda stepped in immediately to offer support in the absence of staff members and register YC client.

Amanda Heeley – Helping Others x 3

Manda excels at being helpful and professional, she is proactive, knowledgeable and consultative with her advice and uses her research skills to provide accurate information.

Always willing to help out.

Amanda has picked up the slack while Pat is away, doing extra meetings and compliance, which is a massive help to the whole team!

Patrick Hoolihan – Community

Pat is great around the office space and manages to bring everyone’s spirit up along with increase team morale!

Ben Ruddy – Helping Others 

Ben is always willing to give a helping hand. Wether it be within or outside his team. He is a great leader and peer for all staff within Skillset.

Derryn Grobler – Collaboration x 2

Derryn is a joy to work with. Always happy to collaborate and work together, by being responsive and answering whatever questions come her way. Derryn is a wonderfully positive addition to the Skillset team.

Derryn has been amazing this past week with helping us place an apprentice that was out of work, it just goes to show that Skillset will always work as a team to get the best outcome for our candidates! Thank you Derryn

Nicole Lees and Victoria Lawton – Collaboration

Warmly welcoming me back to the Mudgee region as the YC representative. Supporting the transition and assisting with renewing external stakeholder relationships and meetings.

Amy Fragar – Professionalism

Fragar needs to be recognized for her professionalism, always takes things in her stride, she is a great team member and will go above and beyond to help other team members when needed. You’re a Star Amy!

Nominations for the Week Ending 17.06.2022

Grace Quinton – Professionalism

Grace (G-Train) has demonstrated professionalism towards being able to describe what Skillset was able to offer to numerous attendees at the Orange JobsFair along with answering almost every enquiry for others that in the instance I was not able to answer.


Zarni Warry – Helping Others x 2

Zarni did an excellent job helping job seekers in the community at the Orange Jobs fair. He was a great support to those who attended our stall, listening and providing information about how Skillset could help.

Zarni stepped up while I was on leave last week and has been a great help with the latest MCO recruit.

Jacqualine Sands – Helping Others 

Jac always helps me when I need it.

Kerry Moore – Collaboration

The pathways of recruitment and youth connect is often intertwined. Kerry makes for smooth sailing.


Ben Ruddy – Helping Others

Ben is always helping our team out even when his schedule is so hectic and is a great manager and bloke 🙂

Eliza Schoenmaker – Professionalism 

Eliza is the the first point of contact for a lot of our business. She always greets you with her happy bubbly personality and is always happy to help.

Nominations for the Week Ending 10.06.2022

Jane Sisley – Integrity

Jane has gone above and beyond towards ensuring all internal staff members’ needs are met along with ensuring that the Flannery Centre is secure and in working condition.

Kym Hilliard – Helping Others

Kym’s professionalism and always happy to help others, Kym is a fantastic asset to the Skillset team and should be recognised for going above and beyond.

Robyn Isbester – Professionalism

Robyn no matter what happens is always so professional when helping clients. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate when holding her consultations.

Melanie Kelly – Helping Others

Mel is always willing to help out no matter how busy she is with all her work

Matt Markwick – Helping Others x 2

Nomination 1 – Matt is available to help whenever and wherever needed. He is happy to research and provide information and answers to questions no matter the time!

Nomination 2- Matthew had been able to give a helping hand to others within all other departments of the organisation.

Grace Quinton – Professionalism and Community

Always maintaining a professional demeanor, even when everything goes to poo. She is a strong and wonderful example of what we should aim to be.

Gracie is always upbeat, her sense of humour and engaging personality is a great influence on our team.

Rodney Ney – Collaboration

A smooth transition between a SBATS previous and new host. Team work makes the dream work!

Amy Fragar – Collaboration

For working with me in writing and helping present the recruitment training program. Her knowledge off all things recruitment was invaluable.

Nominations for the Week Ending 3.06.2022

Katja Williams – Helping Others

When Katja heard we were at risk of losing a School Based Trainee, as they were not happy at their current placement, she straight away was able to discuss with another lead that had come in and get Term’s of Business signed, so the School Based Trainee will transfer to another host, and not be a cancellation. She saved the trainee.


Amanda Heeley – Helping Others

Amanda is always ready to help if I need it. She is quick to answer any questions I ask and will go above and beyond if I don’t understand something. Its never a problem if I ask for help.


Lauren Grundy – Professionalism

Lauren deserves to be recognised for all the hard work she does. In particularly stepping up when required and making sure that she doing her job to the best of her abilities

Nominations for the Week Ending 27.05.2022

Sherree Kovac – Helping Others

Sherree is always happy to help out the team.


Matt Markwick – Professionalism

Thorough knowledge of his Job, and professional execution of it.


Jacqui Sands – Collaboration

Jacquie is great at collaborating with Youth connect as is all of the team. Jacquie went above and beyond during the peak enrolment period at the beginning of the year and would call to double check if someone was eligible before signing someone up. And as a result we managed to pick up a few registrations into youth connect that might have been missed.


Bronwyn Elliott – Helping Others

Bronwyn always is willing to help out with any issues


Renae Lawson – Professionalism

For always conducting herself in a professional manner, offering each candidate up to date and current quality career support

Australia Skillset would like to acknowledge and pay respect to the traditional custodians of the lands on which we work.
We are honoured to be on the ancestral lands of those whose cultures are among the oldest living cultures in human history. We pay respect to the Elders, past, present and to the younger generation of the community who will be the future leaders in years to come.