Recruitment Services



Skillset recruits the right people for your business: Apprentices and Trainees, Temporary Staff and Permanent Recruitment

Skillset has over 30 years’ industry experience operating in the Central West providing a full range of end to end recruitment services tailored to each individual and organisation.

By choosing to outsource the recruitment of staff to a trusted and proven organisation, your business will save time and money. You and your people will be able to concentrate on what you do best – working in your business, while Skillset Workforce does what we do best – recruitment. Skillset uses our proven, results focussed Recruitment Methodology tailored to your Workforce requirements. Our process includes five key stages and a dedicated after placement monitoring service and guarantee.

Recruitment Process and Methodology


Apprentices and Trainees

For more than 30 years, Skillset has been helping businesses to identify, place and manage their trainee and apprentice workforce. As one of the early pioneers of Group Training and Registered Training services, our experience has provided us with an in depth knowledge of the specific needs of each industry and the skills to align those needs with the right
apprentice or trainee to fit your business.

Temporary Staff

Clients who experience seasonal demand for products and services or who experience temporary gaps in their workforce capability will benefit from a temporary workforce that can be available at short notice and scaled up or
down to meet requirements.

Permanent Recruitment

Our permanent recruitment process sources both industrial and non-industrial permanent roles. Our selection methodology is underpinned by assessment processes and includes the following stages: job design/definition, awareness/advertising, screening, interviewing, shortlisting, client interviews, assessment, reference checks,
offer negotiation and on-boarding and induction.