Should I leave my job? 4 key signs you should think about a new role

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Should I leave my job? 4 key signs you should think about a new role

BY Skillset 05 Jul, 2022

Everyone has considered how good it would be to leave their job and find another one – particularly after a bad day at work! For most of us these feelings are only fleeting – they pass over time and we soon find fun and fulfilment in our work again. However, for many people, these feelings don’t go away and they are unsure whether to act on these thoughts or not. In this article, we explore four key signs which indicate it may be time to look for another job:

You don’t feel challenged

If you are no longer feeling challenged at work or are spending copious amount of time doing other things like checking social media or shopping online when you should be working, then it may be time to speak to your boss about ways to improve your role, or alternatively, look outside your current employer for a new opportunity.

Ideally, you should be performing meaningful work, learning new skills and adding to the expertise you can offer your employer over time. If you are always doing the same thing and never developing your knowledge and capability – and this is making you bored – this is a strong sign you should think about leaving your current role.

You feel your efforts aren’t appreciated

Does your employer celebrate your success? Are your skills and expertise utilised effectively? If the answer to both of these questions is ‘no’ then you may be asking yourself why you are working at your current employer.

Everyone needs to feel their contributions are valued at work and they are part of an organisation’s achievements. Celebrating success – even if it is just a thank you from your boss – is an important way to improve staff morale, engagement and input in the workplace. If your bosses/senior management never take the time to thank you, or overlook recognising your contributions and expertise, then it is time to seriously consider a job elsewhere.

Your work and life commitments no longer gel

If you have been at your employer a while, it is possible your working style and life commitments have changed over time. You may have started a family, moved to a house further away from your work, experienced sickness or ill-health, or decided you would like to study or learn a new skill. If you can’t meet life commitments that are important to you whilst also meeting the requirements of your job, talking to your employer about this is a good first step. If your employer is not able to shift their requirements, then this is a sign you should consider looking for a job that can meet your lifestyle needs.

You feel stressed at work

Do you dread coming to work on Monday? Or just the days of the working week ending in ‘y’?

Workplace stress is a significant problem. A 2017 workplace study found that 73% of Australian workers are stressed about their work, with unrealistic workload expectations, job insecurity and low team morale cited as the main factors impacting the negative wellbeing of survey participants.

The covid-19 pandemic has made priorities clearer for many workers with a 2021 study by Atlassian and PwC identifying that nearly 70% of workers would consider turning down a job promotion in order to preserve their mental health, demonstrating that well-being and work life balance are significant issues for employees. Interestingly, this same study found that 33% of employees look to their employer as the main source of mental health support. This means employers should strongly consider ways to support the mental health needs of their workforce as part of the conditions they offer.

If your workplace is stressful – and this can be due to one reason or a variety of reasons – and is impacting your mental health and health generally, it may be worthwhile speaking to your boss, team leader or HR team about it. If you feel they aren’t being responsive to your concerns, finding another job may be the next best option.



If you are thinking of leaving your job but are not exactly sure about your decision or what steps you need to follow, then this quiz from SEEK may be perfect for you.






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