Increasing your chances of job success

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Increasing your chances of job success

BY Skillset Marketing 28 Apr, 2022

When applying for a job there are numerous actions you can take to increase your chances of winning the role you want. These are:

Speak to the recruiter/employer before you apply

Most job advertisements include details of a contact person you can get in touch with about the recruitment. To boost the chances of your application being noticed, it is worthwhile ringing this person and asking some questions about the role. Making contact prior to your job application will get you on the recruiter’s ‘radar’.

To get the most out of this interaction, it is a good idea to have some questions ready to ask the contact person. As a result, make a small list of questions prior to the call. Also, when you introduce yourself, make a brief pitch about your experience and why you are a good candidate for the job. For example, you may mention the length of time you have been working in a similar job, or you could talk about the skills you have and their relevance to the role.

Tailor your resume/CV to the requirements of the role

It is recommended that you tailor your resume/CV to the job you are applying for rather than sending in a standard resume/CV which includes your entire employment history, education and skills. Therefore, make sure the resume/CV you send in as part of your job application it is up to date and includes your most recent and relevant working experience as well as all training and education applicable to the role.

Write a job-specific covering letter

Just like your resume/CV, your covering letter should be tailored to the job you are applying for. Essentially, your covering letter should link your skills and experience to the position on offer. It is also very important that your covering letter clearly explains why you want the job and why you are the best candidate for the position.

Before you finalise your covering letter, remember to check the document for spelling and grammatical errors. Mistakes in your document, even if they are minor, can weaken key points you are trying to communicate.

Follow up your application once you have submitted it

Once you have submitted your application, always follow up your application with the contact person via a phone call. Use this conversation to find out the rough timeline for shortlisting and interviewing candidates. The purpose of this phone call is to remind the recruiter about your application (this is helpful if there has been plenty of applications) and reinforces your interest in the job you have applied for. And, remember to keep the phone call professional, polite and brief.

Prepare for the job interview

If you have been shortlisted for the role you applied for, you will be invited to attend a job interview. Make sure you prepare for the interview by conducting some research on the hiring organisation (review their website and social media) and considering responses you will provide to questions you may be asked.

Finally, on the day of your interview be sure to make a good impression by being punctual and well-presented. For further information on preparing for your job interview, check out this Skillset CareerLink article for more detailed tips.


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