Thinking of resigning from your job? Consider these actions first

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Thinking of resigning from your job? Consider these actions first

BY Skillset Marketing 31 Jan, 2022

Have you been thinking about leaving your job? Maybe the pandemic has led you to reassess what is important in your life? Or maybe you feel a bit bored and would like to try something new?

Leaving an existing job is a big move and needs to be carefully considered. Before you write your resignation letter, there are three things you should try first – these are:

Visualise how to improve your current situation

Every job has good parts and bad parts. Therefore, think about what could happen to make your job better – and in many cases, it isn’t just about more money.

Perhaps you would like to:

  • Take on some more responsibility?
  • Learn a new skill?
  • Gain more confidence in a particular area?
  • Have some help to ease your workload?
  • Work more hours from home or work flexibly?
  • Adjust your hours of work so you can improve your life outside of work?

Once you have thought about what could make your current job better, write these potential improvements down. Ideally, try to craft a basic position description for how your job could be.

And, if you feel that your current job is being negatively affected by problematic co-workers or a difficult boss, then seek out a trusted friend or family member to discuss these concerns. Strongly consider escalating these concerns to your peer support person or HR if you feel that interactions with these people and/or your working environment is affecting your mental health.

Do your research – will the grass be greener on the other side?

At some point in our working lives, we have all thought about how good it would feel to ditch our current jobs and go and work somewhere else. However, the fact is – the grass is not always greener on the other side.

As a result, it is very important to conduct some research on potential job opportunities and the job market before you seriously consider resigning. Make sure you:

  • Discreetly speak to your network about resigning from your job and finding another – get their views on your current situation and what types of roles you should look for
  • Register your details on job platforms, such as SEEK to understand the types of roles being advertised and the skills and experience required to win these jobs
  • Visit the websites of organisations you might like to work for to understand the types of roles they have on offer. Follow them on social media so you become familiar with the culture, values and future aspirations of these organisations and determine if these are a good fit with you
  • Make an appointment with a career development consultant to discuss your current situation and the types of roles appropriate for you. These professionals will also provide guidance on the experience and qualifications you may need if you are thinking of finding a job in another industry or changing careers. 

Put your cards on the table – nicely!

If you are a valued employee, your employer will be keen to know what they can do to keep you. Therefore, make a time to talk to your boss and politely tell them your concerns about your current role.

At this meeting convey to your boss what could be done to improve your role (from Point 1 above – Visualise how to improve your current situation). When you are talking to your boss, make sure you explain:

  • Why you would like these changes?
  • How they would benefit you?
  • How these improvements could be managed?
  • How they could benefit the organisation?

It may also be worthwhile bringing any evidence or research that supports your proposed change.

During your meeting, be prepared to answer questions that your boss may have and also, don’t expect that she/he will make a decision on your request straight away. They may have to consult other people in the business or check on the financial side of things before getting back to you.

If you haven’t heard back from your boss after a week, drop them a line or pop in to see them about their decision. If their response is not what you requested or you think any alternative solutions proposed are unlikely to meet your needs, then it may be time to genuinely begin your job search. And remember – it is always better to resign from a job when you have another one lined up!

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