Volunteering – an alternative way of gaining experience

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Volunteering – an alternative way of gaining experience

BY Skillset Marketing 20 Dec, 2021

Volunteering – an alternative way of gaining experience

  • Is a lack of work experience preventing you from getting the job you want?
  • Are you contemplating a return to the workforce but are worried you have been unemployed for too long?
  • Would you like to try out a different job but don’t want to leave your current one?

Volunteering can provide the perfect opportunity to bridge your experience and skills gap whilst giving something back to the community. Many organisations who use volunteers are keen to receive help in a range of areas, so it is very possible you can find a volunteering experience that meets your requirements. And, if the experience you gain from volunteering is relevant to any future job opportunity, you can include it on your CV or resume.

In addition to skills and experience, volunteering can also assist with developing:

  • Connections with other people – helping you practice your social skills, make new contacts and build your professional network
  • Soft skills – such as time management, problem solving, team work, cooperation, conflict resolution and creative thinking
  • Self-confidence – particularly if you have been out of the workforce for a while or have limited working experience.

Finding volunteer opportunities

Before you begin your search for volunteering opportunities, it is a good idea to think about:

  • What types of work would help fill your skills and experience gap?
  • What types of volunteer roles are you interested in undertaking?
  • What existing skills and experience can you bring to a volunteer role?
  • Are you interested in a full time, part time or casual position?
  • How long would you like to commit to volunteering?

Volunteering opportunities can be found in a variety of organisations. The following list may be helpful in finding the right opportunity for you:


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