Securing a job when moving to regional NSW

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Securing a job when moving to regional NSW

BY Skillset 02 Dec, 2021

Have you moved to a regional area but are struggling to find a job? Perhaps you have great qualifications but are having difficulty finding the right opportunity?

Here are Skillset’s top tips for increasing your chances of securing a job when you have the qualifications but limited experience or networks in regional areas in NSW:

Check out the Labour Market Information Portal

This government employment website is operated by the National Skills Commission and provides excellent up to date employment-related information which includes, but is not limited to, unemployment rates, monthly job vacancies, employment projections and employment by industry and occupation. Labour market data is broken down by areas (termed Employment Regions) across Australia, including regional areas in NSW and is updated monthly. In each Employment Region you will find information about:

  • The largest employing industries
  • The main online job advertisements by occupation
  • The number of job advertisements by skill level.

This information can be very valuable when trying to find a job as it identifies the industries where the jobs are in each region, and also the types of jobs that are in demand.

Develop some networks

When you move to a new place away from your existing networks, it can be difficult to know how to go about building new professional networks. As mentioned many times previously on Skillset’s blog, professional networks are an important part of having a successful career. They can help with developing your career, expanding your knowledge and accessing opportunities, including tapping into the hidden job market – which are jobs that aren’t generally advertised and are filled by word of mouth.

If you have a particular set of skills and qualifications, then you should look for networks or networking opportunities which comprise people with similar skillsets and credentials. This could include volunteering with an organisation or cause that you are interested in, through to attending a newcomer’s lunch hosted by the local council.

Some local networking opportunities which may be helpful in making some new connections in Bathurst and Orange are:



Consider contract jobs

Sometimes the ideal job that ticks all our boxes doesn’t materialise. So, in these circumstances it may be better to have a long term jobs strategy which keeps your dream job on the horizon but takes advantage of more immediate opportunities which are similar to the job you are hoping for and/or may act as a stepping stone to getting your perfect job.

As a result, it may be worth looking at contract opportunities. Whilst these don’t provide the stability of a permanent position, contracts do provide the following advantages:

  • The chance to showcase your skills and experience to a potential long term employer
  • You can develop new contacts, new networks and new friends which may be beneficial for finding your perfect job
  • Allows you to ‘try out’ an employer and see if they are a good fit for your skills, experience, working style and values.

Establish a plan

It is important to remember that no single strategy for finding a job is likely to be successful – a combination of different approaches and a long term focus are going to deliver the best results. Therefore, to increase your chances of success, write down what actions you are going to take over a set timeframe and be ready to change direction if opportunities present themselves.

Also, don’t underestimate the value of networks in regional towns and cities. Whilst these can take time to develop, they can often be the most effective way of finding the right job opportunity.

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