With extensive Natural Resources Management expertise, and over two years’ experience delivering Green Army projects on the ground, Skillset Environment brings you Land Works.  Complete land management solutions from skilled labour hire to planning, design and implementation delivering additional resources, flexibility and expertise to your project.


Everything from shortterm, on demand labour to longer term placements, Land Works Labour can supply skilled people on the ground to help you out.


Meet short term or seasonal project goals with a supervised team of skilled outdoor workers. Land Works Teams ensure that your worksite outcomes will be met at a fixed price.


Land Works Management offers you a supervised team plus the expertise of our experienced project management. We provide people on the ground and coordinate all works including earthworks, materials and scheduling.


Our highly experienced Land Works Consulting team will respond to your brief, assess your needs and develop an end-to-end solution for your natural resources project.  We understand the importance of getting the design right. Rigorous planning and detailed project management coupled with monitoring and evaluation is imperative to the success of any landcare project. Land Works will work with you to implement Environment Management Plans to get the best onground outcomes.

Benefits of Using Land Works


We provide the muscle power you need on the ground, right through to the experience and wisdom required for project design and implementation. We give you the resources for one-off projects, or long-term contracts.  Whether you need one person, a team, project planning, management or the whole solution, Skillset Environment Land Works will help you get the job done.


Skillset Environment Land Works runs a team of trained and experienced professionals who have the knowledge you need for quality delivery. With a special focus on ecological restoration and rehydration, our approach is to work with nature.


Seasonal workloads can be difficult to manage and apply additional pressures to many land owners. Skillset Environment Land Works provide you with scalable teams that allow you to address your demand without the hassle of balancing long term employment and training – we do it for you. Avoid the costs and risks of full time staff and adjust to seasonal work demands with Land Works.

Onground Services

• Ecosystem Rehabilitation
• Tree Planting & Revegetation
• Earthworks & Landscaping
• Fencing (Agricultural & Conservation)
• Erosion Control & Soil Stability
• Landscape Rehydration
• Weed Control
• Track Construction
• Seed Collection & Passive Regeneration
• Debris Removal
• Water Sensitive Urban Design
• Park Infrastructure

Consulting Services

• Project Design & Management
• Landscape Architecture
• Ecological Monitoring
• Environmental Planning & Management
• Flora & Fauna Surveys
• Grant Application Support
• Experimental Design
• Vegetation Mapping & Assessment

Why Land Works?

After two years successfully delivering Green Army in NSW and QLD, Skillset knows there is a strong demand for outdoor work crews to complete important projects for local governments, natural resource-related companies and agencies, and private landholders, particularly in regional Australia.  We are also committed to providing careers for our Green Army graduates who are job-ready at the end of the program. Land Works is the model that brings these together.

Ashley Bland BE (Natural Resources), Fellow Australian Rural Leadership Foundation
Senior Manager Skillset Environment From a farming family, Ashley has worked in the mining, agriculture and natural resources industries since graduating in 1994. He has managed/created multiple programs for industry and government amounting to tens of millions of dollars in environmental investment. Building on the networks and technical experience gathered over his career, Ashley aims to help build self-sustaining agro-ecosystems where the combined needs of society, production and environment are harnessed together for maximum benefit.

John Fry Asc. BA Comm, Env, Geo. PDC, WHS and NSF trainer
Lead Consultant Skillset Environment
John has designed and managed civil/environmental engineering and on ground work team projects with local government, Landcare, Rivercare, Coastcare, Bushcare and sustainability education sites and programs throughout NSW and Qld since 1992. He has developed a network of science, faith, business and government partners to adapt to climate change and repair degraded and eroded landscapes with PC and NSF methodologies, increase biodiversity and minimise disturbance. John has served on NGO boards and NRM advisory committees and currently manages the Green Army program for Campbell Page Skillset.

Thomas Staff B Sc (Hons), B Env Sci, & BA Land Arch
Coordinator & Consultant – Skillset Environment Land Works
Thomas has three years ecological consultant experience completing environmental assessments and monitoring. With four years project management experience he has most recently been managing and planning Green Army environmental projects with Skillset Environment. Thomas has designed and written several scientific research reports and environmental grant applications. As a qualified ecologist and practicing landscape architect Thomas is specialised to handle a variety of project contracts and consultation.

Graham Stirling B Sci Zoo (Hons)

Consultant – Skillset Environment Land Works

Graham  has been the Regional Manager for all of Skillset’s Green Army projects since January 2016.  During this time, Graham has been responsible for the management and coordination of 68 Green Army projects, delivering these projects within strict Federal Government guidelines as well as supervising and managing 17 team supervisors from NSW, ACT and QLD.

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