Vision, Purpose and Values


The create life-changing opportunities for people and communities in regional New South Wales.


Creating and sustaining innovative and effective partnerships to generate employment opportunities through education and skills development for people across regional New South Wales. 


The Board and staff of Skillset are motivated by the role the organisation plays in building social cohesion and sustainable communities by facilitating skills acquisition and learning.

We are focused on the future and aim to provide opportunities for people to lead full and productive lives in the communities that we serve.

We reflect Australian national values of fairness, tolerance, a strong work ethic and the core democratic belief that everyone has an intrinsically valuable contribution to make. We have an emphasis on sectors of society that face disadvantage to enable them to make their own contribution.

We aim to run a viable and progressive organisation that sets best practice benchmarks to achieve our business goals. Our employees must be safe, well supported and have opportunities to reach their potential.

Our business practice must be sustainable so that future generations can enjoy the privileges and opportunities we have.

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