Join the SkillForce and help us to engage 500 individuals through employment, education, and skills development by March 31st, 2020. 

Why should businesses join the campaign?

  • Build your team and help your business grow
  • Support skills development to address skills gaps
  • Source the best candidates for recruitment and labour hire
  • Increase employment opportunities in regional NSW
  • Foster the prosperity of regional communities

What are the benefits for our local people, our local businesses and our local communities? 

  • Growing the number of skilled workers in our communities will improve the productivity of businesses
  • Introducing apprentices and trainees into a business is cost-effective and allows a business to build their ideal worker
  • There are numerous benefits of utilising Skillset Workforce’s services opposed to organisations seeking their own workers
  • There is an urgent demand for skilled workers to address skills gaps
  • To continue to grow, businesses need to review their skills needs
  • Skilled workers provide businesses with a strong competitive advantage

We have increased the target from 360 to 500 to drive regional growth and increase skills development.

Play your part and join the SkillForce500 campaign to build the skills of 500people in our region. 

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