Our current regional jobs growth campaign, SkillForce360 is aimed at guiding and supporting regional businesses for a strong future. With 5 key messages, Skillset has the success of businesses at heart.


1)      Build and develop your team

For businesses to remain in touch with society and maintain a competitive advantage, their team needs to be constantly growing and progressing.
Recent reports have stated the increasing demand for employees to be hired based on their soft skills rather than their level of industry knowledge, qualifications and experience.

Steve Jobs famously insisted, that an individual’s hard skills are not enough. Organisations desperately need the expertise of those who are educated to the human, cultural and social as well as the technical knowledge of their role.

Individuals who hold attributes of being a good coach, critical thinker and problem solver, in addition to having strong communication skills and empathetic views were considered greater assets to a workplace than individuals with qualifications and excessive experience.

For a workplace, it is more beneficial to hire based on your desired soft skills, and then provide necessary training and mentoring to the employee in order to build the ideal team who works cohesively together with the wide range of required technical skills and knowledge.


2)      Support skills development to address skills gaps

The commonly spoken about ‘skills gap’ is a term used to describe not the lack of job applicants, but the difference between the skills that employers want, as shown by their job advertisements, and those that are available from workers looking for a job.

In September 2018, the national average of unemployment was at 5.0%, with unemployment in our Central Western regions slightly higher at 5.4%. Meanwhile our Far West and Orana regions had a decrease of 3.0% in their unemployment rates, currently sitting at 2.9%.

Long standing Skillset host employer, Dave Cooper from DR and DV Cooper Bricklaying in Orange, considers the training of apprentices as an effective means to ending the skill shortage and assists his business in remaining fresh and enthusiastic.

“I’ve been working with Skillset for 20 years because it is evident just how much my business relies on apprentices. Skilled labour is hard to find these days, but apprentices allow you to train them in a way that creates your business’ ideal worker.”

Mr Cooper stated, “80% of my business is made up of apprentices because I honestly couldn’t function without them. I gain so much on both a personal and professional level, watching my boys enter the industry with limited knowledge and low self-esteem, then 4 years later they’re qualified, confident and competent workers who are ready to be business owners themselves. The fresh energy and enthusiasm that these young workers bring to work each day, makes waking up every morning worthwhile.”


3)      Source the best candidates for recruitment and labour hire

For a business to perform well, they need to have the right team with the right skills and personalities to suit the work environment. Sometimes this can be hard for employers to see in potential recruits when hiring.

By choosing to outsource the recruitment of staff to a trusted and proven organisation, your business will save time and money. Your business will be able to concentrate on what you do best – working in your business, while Skillset Workforce does what we do best – recruitment.

Our recruitment process includes five key stages and a dedicated after placement monitoring service and guarantee to ensure we not only find the right employee for your business, but to ensure they continue to perform well in the future years.

Dale Curran, Executive Officer of Skillset’s newest host employer, Western Research Institute (WRI) in Bathurst says,

“This has been the first time our organisation has hired a trainee, but we’ve found that it has created critical capacity in our small team, and a business trainee in particular ensures the day to day cogs of business are always turning smoothly so that we can concentrate on the bigger picture. It’s been a worthwhile investment.”


4)      Increase employment opportunities in regional NSW

Data clearly shows consistent job growth in regions and a rising workforce shortage.
Meeting the job demand for regions with workers is fundamental to the future of our regions. Regions need more permanent workers than what they are currently getting, as well as more people looking to regional Australia for job opportunities that are suitable for them.

In order to attract permanent workers, the employer needs to be able to offer long term professional development opportunities to the individual to encourage them to remain in the regional workforce. With the right support and direction, these long term strategies not only assist businesses in attracting the right permanent workers, but ensures their community is equipped for survival.


5)      Foster the prosperity of regional communities

Did you know that for each dollar you spend at independent businesses, it returns 3 times more money to your local economy than one spent at a large chain. Supporting the survival of your local community means that the community as a whole benefit from the prosperity.

By developing a skilled and developed business, you are offering your local community services that encourage them to spend locally. That not only brings money into your business, but builds a stronger economy around you.

Kathy Woolley, Chief Executive Officer of Skillset host employer, Western Research Institute (WRI) in Bathurst supports this message by stating why they signed up for SkillForce360,

“As an organisation focused on the development of regional communities, we know the importance of providing traineeships in rural and regional communities. Research completed by WRI in the past has highlighted that traineeships and apprenticeships leads to better economic outcome for the whole community and builds long term value to the local economy.”


Play your part in future proofing your business and wider community by joining the SkillForce360 campaign which will build the skills of 360 people in our region.