ACCC Report 2018 - Electricity Market

On Thursday July 11th 2018, the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) released a blueprint with recommendations to significantly improve electricity affordability for Australian consumers and businesses. The Inquiry, which commenced in March 2017, began by identifying the root causes of high electricity prices across the entire electricity supply chain and has now made 56 recommendations detailing ways to fix the National Electricity Market.

Skillset Environment Senior Manager Ashley Bland has welcomed the ACCC report and the positive change it can make to our regional communities.

“We have been seeing the effects of the high cost of electricity in our regional communities for individuals and businesses. The report highlights industry – level recommendations for structural change and to create downward pressure on energy prices.”

The ACCC report has highlighted that the electricity and energy market can be confusing and difficult for businesses and individuals to get a fair deal. Skillset Environment offers a number of services to help organisations and individuals make informed decisions when it comes to reducing energy usage. Skillset Environment even goes one step further by providing recommendations that do not require buying any energy at all.

Mr. Bland said, “Skillset Environment completes detailed Renewable Energy Action Plans for local governments and businesses. We also complete home and business energy assessments that provide independent advice for improving energy and water usage. Throughout the analysis phase of residential and organisational projects, we have been watching the energy market and can see where the relationship between supply, demand, and price has broken down.”

This report is good news for individuals and businesses and could make a significant impact on the energy market landscape in Australia. Mr. Bland said, “The ACCC report is a good step toward changing the energy landscape in Australia and to start making changes to improve the energy market.”

Skillset Environment has consultants ready to provide independent advice on energy, water and waste for households, organisations and local governments all across regional NSW. For more information regarding these services, please call 1300 853 525.