We aim to engage 360 people into training, education or employment by March 31st, 2019. 

Why should businesses join the campaign?

  • Build your team and help your business grow
  • Support skills development to address skills gaps
  • Source the best candidates for recruitment and labour hire
  • Increase employment opportunities in regional NSW
  • Foster the prosperity of regional communities

What are the benefits for our local people, our local businesses and our local communities? 

  • Growing the number of skilled workers in our communities will improve the productivity of businesses
  • Introducing apprentices and trainees into a business is cost-effective and allows a business to build their ideal worker
  • There are numerous benefits of utilising Skillset Workforce’s services opposed to organisations seeking their own workers
  • There is an urgent demand for skilled workers to address skills gaps
  • To continue to grow, businesses need to review their skills needs
  • Skilled workers provide businesses with a strong competitive advantage

We have increased the target from 250 to 360 to bring to the region and SkillForce360 to drive regional growth and increase skills development.

Play your part and join the SkillForce360 campaign to build the skills of 360 people in our region. 

Call: 1300 853 525  or Get in Touch HERE




Who’s joined the SkillForce?

SkillForce Tally


Percentage to Target


1Forklift Operator - TradeBathurst
2Marketing & Social Media Co-ordinatorBathurst
3Leading Hand - ConstructionBathurst
4Temporary Administration Assistant - ManufacturingOrange
5Apprentice - Heavy Vehicle - TradeDubbo
6Property Sales Associate -Administration/Office SupportBathurst
7Land Works Crew Leader - HorticultureMudgee
8Apprentice - Air Conditioning/Refrigeration - TradeOrange
9Apprentice Engineering/Metal Fabrication - ManufacturingOrange
10Purchasing Officer - ManufacturingOrange
11Senior Administrator - Warehousing and LogisticsOrange
12Science TeacherBathurst
13Trainee Business Administration - ConstructionOrange
14Housekeepers/Waitstaff - HospitalityBathurst
15Heavy Vehicle Mechanic - AutomotiveDubbo
16Business Traineeship - Professional, Scientific and Technical ServicesBathurst
17Digital Design ApprenticeshipBathurst
18Construction LabourerBathurst
19Business Administration OfficerBathurst
20Housekeepers/Waitstaff - HospitalityBathurst
21Executive AssistantBathurst
23Skills4Trade Graduate - HorticultureDubbo
24Skills4Trade Graduate - HorticultureDubbo
25Skills4Trade Graduate - HorticultureDubbo
26Skills4Trade Graduate - HorticultureDubbo
27Skills4Trade Graduate - HorticultureDubbo
28Skills4Trade Graduate - HorticultureDubbo
29Skills4Trade Graduate - HorticultureDubbo
30Skills4Trade Graduate - HorticultureDubbo
31Skills4Trade Graduate - HorticultureDubbo
32Skills4Trade Graduate - HorticultureDubbo
33Skills4Trade Graduate - MiningMudgee
34Skills4Trade Graduate - MiningMudgee
35Skills4Trade Graduate - MiningMudgee
36Skills4Trade Graduate - MiningMudgee
37Skills4Trade Graduate - MiningMudgee
38Skills4Trade Graduate - MiningMudgee
39Skills4Trade Graduate - MiningMudgee
40Skills4Trade Graduate - MiningMudgee
41Skills4Trade Graduate - MiningMudgee
42Certificate III Information Technology and Digital MediaBathurst
43Certificate III Financial ServicesOrange
44Underground Operations TraineeMudgee
45Underground Operations TraineeMudgee
46Underground Operations TraineeMudgee
47Civil Construction LabourerBathurst
48Automotive Parts and Sales TraineeDubbo
49Underground Operations TraineeMudgee
50Underground Operations TraineeMudgee
51Underground Operations TraineeMudgee
52Underground Operations TraineeMudgee
53Civil Construction ApprenticeBathurst
54Business TraineeshipBathurst
55Bricklaying ApprenticeshipBathurst
56Underground Operations TraineeMudgee
57Finance ManagerBathurst
58Landworks Casual Crew MemberBathurst
59Parks and Gardens TradespersonDubbo
60Horticulture Parks and Gardens ApprenticeshipDubbo
61Sports Turf Management ApprenticeshipDubbo
62Construction LabourerBathurst
63Temporary AdministratorMudgee
64Temporary LandscaperDubbo
65Temporary AdministratorBathurst
66Skills4Trade Graduate - Land WorksMudgee
67Skills4Trade Graduate - Land WorksMudgee
68Skills4Trade Graduate - Land WorksMudgee
69Skills4Trade Graduate - Land WorksMudgee
70Skills4Trade Graduate - Land WorksMudgee
71Skills4Trade Graduate - Land WorksMudgee
72Skills4Trade Graduate - Land WorksMudgee
73Skills4Trade Graduate - Land WorksMudgee
74Skills4Trade Graduate - Land WorksMudgee
75Landworks Crew LeaderBathurst
76Landworks Crew MemberBathurst
77Water Operations TraineeMudgee
78Earthworks LabourerMudgee
79Customer Service OfficerBathurst
80Customer Service OfficerDubbo
81Plastering LabourerOrange
82Statement of Attainment - Childcare StudiesBathurst
83Plastering ApprenticeshipOrange
84Bricklaying ApprenticeshipOrange
85Bush Regenerator and Weed EradicationBathurst
86Receptionist/Administration SupportBathurst
87Skills4Trade Graduate - Civil ConstructionDubbo
88Skills4Trade Graduate - Civil ConstructionDubbo
89Skills4Trade Graduate - Civil ConstructionDubbo
90Skills4Trade Graduate - Civil ConstructionDubbo
91Skills4Trade Graduate - Civil ConstructionDubbo
92Skills4Trade Graduate - Civil ConstructionDubbo
93Skills4Trade Graduate - Civil ConstructionDubbo
94Skills4Trade Graduate - Civil ConstructionDubbo
95Skills4Trade Graduate - Civil ConstructionDubbo
96Pool AttendantDubbo
97Customer Service AssistantBathurst
98Customer Service AssistantOrange
99Skills4Trade Graduate - Children's ServicesDubbo
100Skills4Trade Graduate - Children's ServicesDubbo
101Skills4Trade Graduate - Children's ServicesDubbo
102Skills4Trade Graduate - Children's ServicesDubbo
103Skills4Trade Graduate - Children's ServicesDubbo
104Skills4Trade Graduate - Children's ServicesDubbo
105Skills4Trade Graduate - Children's ServicesDubbo
107Landworks Crew MemberBathurst
108Landworks Crew MemberBathurst
110Cabinet MakerBathurst
111Civil Construction ApprenticeshipDubbo
112Civil Construction ApprenticeshipDubbo
113Administration TraineeMudgee
115Trade AssistantOrange
117Landworks LabourerBathurst
118Landworks Crew MemberBathurst
119Landworks Crew MemberBathurst
120Landworks Crew MemberBathurst
122Medical ReceptionistOrange
123Medical ReceptionistOrange
124Carpentry ApprenticeshipDubbo
126Skills4Trade Graduate - AEN CourseBathurst
127Skills4Trade Graduate - AEN CourseBathurst
128Skills4Trade Graduate - AEN CourseBathurst
129Skills4Trade Graduate - AEN CourseBathurst
130Skills4Trade Graduate - AEN CourseBathurst
131Skills4Trade Graduate - Civil Construction CourseMudgee
132Skills4Trade Graduate - Civil Construction CourseMudgee
133Skills4Trade Graduate - Civil Construction CourseMudgee
134Skills4Trade Graduate - Civil Construction CourseMudgee
135Skills4Trade Graduate - Civil Construction CourseMudgee
136Skills4Trade Graduate - Civil Construction CourseMudgee
137Skills4Trade Graduate - Civil Construction CourseMudgee
138Skills4Trade Graduate - Civil Construction CourseMudgee
139Skills4Trade Graduate - Civil Construction CourseMudgee
140Skills4Trade Graduate - Civil Construction CourseMudgee
141Skills4Trade Graduate - AEN CourseDubbo
142Skills4Trade Graduate - AEN CourseDubbo
143Skills4Trade Graduate - AEN CourseDubbo
144Skills4Trade Graduate - AEN CourseDubbo
145Skills4Trade Graduate - AEN CourseDubbo
146Skills4Trade Graduate - AEN CourseDubbo
147Skills4Trade Graduate - Business Administration CourseBathurst
148Skills4Trade Graduate - Business Administration CourseBathurst
149Skills4Trade Graduate - Business Administration CourseBathurst
150Skills4Trade Graduate - Business Administration CourseBathurst
151Skills4Trade Graduate - Business Administration CourseBathurst
154Skills4Trade Graduate - Introduction to Industry CourseOrange
155Skills4Trade Graduate - Introduction to Industry CourseOrange
156Skills4Trade Graduate - Introduction to Industry CourseOrange
157Skills4Trade Graduate - Introduction to Industry CourseOrange
158Skills4Trade Graduate - Introduction to Industry CourseOrange
159Skills4Trade Graduate - Introduction to Industry CourseOrange
160Skills4Trade Graduate - Introduction to Industry CourseOrange
161Skills4Trade Graduate - Introduction to Industry CourseOrange
162Skills4Trade Graduate - Introduction to Industry CourseOrange
163Skills4Trade Graduate - AEN CourseOrange
164Skills4Trade Graduate - AEN CourseOrange
165Skills4Trade Graduate - AEN CourseOrange
166Skills4Trade Graduate - AEN CourseOrange
167Skills4Trade Graduate - AEN CourseOrange
168Skills4Trade Graduate - AEN CourseOrange
169Skills4Trade Graduate - AEN CourseOrange
170Skills4Trade Graduate - AEN CourseOrange
171Skills4Trade Graduate - Business Administration CourseOrange
172Skills4Trade Graduate - Business Administration CourseOrange
173Skills4Trade Graduate - Business Administration CourseOrange
174Skills4Trade Graduate - Business Administration CourseOrange
175Skills4Trade Graduate - Business Administration CourseOrange
176Skills4Trade Graduate - Business Administration CourseOrange
177Skills4Trade Graduate - Business Administration CourseOrange
178Skills4Trade Graduate - Business Administration CourseOrange
179Skills4Trade Graduate - Business Administration CourseOrange
180Skills4Trade Graduate - Business Administration CourseOrange
181Air Conditioning and Refrigeration ApprenticeshipOrange
182Civil Construction ApprenticeshipDubbo
183Civil Construction ApprenticeshipDubbo
184Carpentry ApprenticeshipBathurst
185Trades AssistantBathurst
186Carpentry ApprenticeshipBathurst
188Cert IV Information Technology SupportBathurst
189Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Mechanic ApprenticeOrange
190Civil Construction ApprenticeshipDubbo
191Civil Construction ApprenticeshipDubbo
193Customer Service AssistantBathurst
194ICT Project & Services ManagerBathurst
195College CoordinatorDubbo
196Fitter Machinist ApprenticeshipBathurst
197Boilermaker ApprenticeshipDubbo
198Boilermaker ApprenticeshipOrange
199Biomedical Engineering ApprenticeshipDubbo
200Boilermaker ApprenticeshipMudgee
201Greenkeeping ApprenticeshipBathurst
202Boilermaker ApprenticeshipDubbo
203Boilermaker ApprenticeshipMudgee
204Business Traineeship - Medical ServicesBathurst
205Temporary Process WorkerBathurst
206Landworks Crew MemberBathurst
207Temporary Process WorkerBathurst
208Trades AssistantBathurst