“Having a license is a great help in getting, and getting to, a job” says Skillset Skills and Engagement Manager Sharon Bradley “so it’s important to start building those log book hours and skills required to get P Plates. Also with Christmas approaching is the time to make sure your L Plater has the driving skills they need to be safe on the roads over this period.”

The Christmas period is one of the most high risk times on Australian Roads, with increased traffic volumes, increased traffic volumes, congestion, tiredness, people driving in unfamiliar environments, and a higher number of people who are driving under the influence of alcohol.

The Skillset Safer Drivers Course, comprises two modules:
• Module 1 – a three hour facilitated group discussion to build awareness of risks, safe driving behaviours and decisions.
• Module 2 – a two-hour in-vehicle coaching session. You are partnered with another student and you will each spend one hour behind the wheel.

Learner Drivers must have 50 hours driving experience (i.e actual on road hours, not including 3 for 1 credits) as evidenced in their log book to be eligible for the course, 10 of these hours must be night driving hours. The course costs $140 and is worth 20 log book hours on successful completion. The course may be available at no cost under the Disadvantaged Learner Initiative if the participant holds a current Pensioner Concession Card issued by the Department of Human Services – Centrelink.

The December Skillset Safer Driver Courses are on in Dubbo, Mudgee and Orange on Saturday 9th, Cowra on Saturday 16th and Bathurst on Monday 18th. Bookings can be made online at skillset.com.au/safer-driver-course or by calling 0418 225 234