Skillset Environment Land Works crew recently completed a revegetation project with Hy-Tec Austen Quarry in Hartley. This project aimed at protecting the threatened species Silver-leaved Mountain Gums, creating additional natural habitat, reconnecting the landscape and producing future seed collection populations.

As part of this work the Quarry Supervisor Craig McDonald, organised a visit from Hampton Public School to learn about planting and threatened local species. Land Works crew, Jack Fry, Jarred Kemester and Phill New demonstrated the innovative method that Land Works uses, including tree fungi powder, water crystals, tree tonic and fertiliser.

By participating in environmental projects and involving local schools and businesses, we are teaching the next generation about threatened species and the importance of conserving our ecosystems.
Introducing the wider community to the importance of enhancing and restoring the natural habitats of vulnerable species is imperative in ensuring that the landscapes of our local regions are sustained long into the future.

Hampton Public School students learnt that planting a little deeper and creating a small dam/basin on the lower side will catch rain water and naturally water the plants. Students helped plant 30 threatened Silver-leaved Mountain Gums and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Hampton Public School Principal, Belinda Greer says, “many thanks are extended to Skillset for educating our students on the role they play in protecting the various ecosystems. They learnt to appreciate the natural and manmade habitats, and now have a much greater perspective on how vital these are to our survival.”