Skillset’s time delivering Green Army on Lord Howe island came to an end on Tuesday 5th December with the final graduation at Old Settlement Beach on the island. Skillset/Campbell Page have delivered 3 very successful Green Army projects on the island since July 2016. The projects have seen 12 participants successfully graduate. The 3 teams worked closely with the Lord Howe Island Board Weed Eradication program, tasked with assisting in the eradication of 5 invasive weed species that threaten the island’s unique flora and fauna. The 3 projects successfully treated over 240 hectares of the island’s total area. This involved working as a team to search various blocks in all terrain to remove juvenile weeds returning after larger infestation. The projects aimed to protect and conserve a highly significant, unique habitat that is home to a high number of unique and globally endangered species (the island is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site of global natural significance). The island is also an extremely important habitat for several migratory bird species. Skillset worked in close partnership with staff from the Lord Howe Island Board and a special thanks is given to Sue Bower for her hard work and dedication to making the 3 projects so successful. A special mention as well to the project supervisor- John Trehy for his work in managing and training the participants across 3 projects. We have thoroughly enjoyed working on such a unique and inspiring environmental project and hope to continue this successful partnership into the future.