Last Tuesday marked the last ever Green Army graduation and the last day of active operations with the program for Skillset. It was a day of mixed emotions for all those in attendance- a feeling of happiness in congratulating our highly successful Northern Beaches team, as well as a feeling of sadness as we paid tribute to a highly successful program. It was certainly a wonderful sight to see Skillset and Campbell Page staff in attendance alongside participants and members of Northern Beaches Council.

Skillset have successfully delivered 69 Green Army projects across Queensland and New South Wales and recruited 459 participants throughout the life of the program. A truly remarkable achievement.

The smiling faces you can see in the photo taken on Tuesday reflects the exact feeling among the group on the day- Green Army may have drawn to a close, but the pride everyone feels for the hard work and dedication shown over the years towards improving the natural environment while also inspiring, training and mentoring young people in the workplace will endure for many years to come.