Career Development is lifelong…

Essentially, your career is a journey. It is unlikely you will stay at the first job you get for your whole career. In fact, you will probably face a career decision at some point and need to alter your career direction. Career decisions can result from changes to your own interests and plans, changes in your own circumstances, such as for family or health reasons, or changes to the local or global economic environment.

Career development can help you achieve your career goals and give you the resources to deal with career decisions or challenges that come your way. In reality, career development is something you should work on throughout your entire working life, can take many different paths and include a mix of actual working experience, skills development and formal qualifications.

The importance of career planning

Career development works best when you develop a plan. A career plan can help you map out your goals and the steps you may take to achieve these, taking into account the skills, experience and even people, who can help you. A career development plan will help you reflect on your career ambitions and interests, as well as establish a set of tools to deal with career challenges and opportunities that you will encounter during your life.

Career planning is an important part of your working life but is often overlooked. It is a very valuable tool and should occur at all stages of your career, regardless of the industry you are in or the job position you have.

For some of us, there will be times when we require assistance with our career planning. In these instances, we may obtain professional advice from a career consultant to guide us through important career decisions and help point us in the right direction. In the absence of this professional help, ensuring we have access to quality career information and tools will assist us in managing our careers and developing a plan independently.

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