Are you thinking about changing careers?

There are often a mix of reasons behind a decision to change careers.

You may find some aspects of your current career unfulfilling, you may want to earn more money or you may have always wanted to pursue a particular career but haven’t had the opportunity or motivation to follow that dream until now.

Transitioning to a new career can be a daunting prospect – but this shouldn’t mean you should abandon or defer your plans. The actual move to a new career can happen successfully if you have done your research, thought about your expectations and considered what you want to achieve by transitioning.

Before you jump straight into looking for jobs in another field, explore the information below which will help make your career transition successful.

Career Transition Resources

Helpful resources for Career Transitions
Investigating a new career

Six steps for finding a new career

Information about different career paths, training and upskilling options, and how to find work

Career Paths and Upskilling

Studying for a career change

Studying for a career changes while working and raising kids

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