Apprentice, Trainee and Host Employer Information 

Skillset Workforce is the largest employer of Apprentices and Trainees in the Central West and has been operating for over 35 years.

Skillset Workforce also provides free support for apprentices and trainees in the Mining and Construction industries across the Central, Western and New England regions of NSW, under the Australian Government’s Industry Specific Mentoring for Australian Apprentices. Click on the ‘Mentor Plus’ logo to find out more.

Apprenticeships and Traineeships provide both work based training with a Host Employer and a training provider.

Apprenticeships and Traineeships are one of the best ways to get job training and qualifications and they are highly regarded by business and industry.

At Skillset Workforce, we have a dedicated recruitment and service team that can assist you in the training and job process.

Apprentices and Trainees

Host Employers

Workplace Health and Safety

Apprentice and Trainee Responsibilities

  • Make a commitment to fulfil work responsibilities.
  • Make a commitment to study your vocational training to the best of your ability.
  • Obey any lawful instructions given to you by Skillset and your Host Company.
  • Let Skillset know if you are experiencing difficulty.

Your Apprenticeship or Traineeship will consist of two parts:

  • Practical ‘on the job’ training through working with your Host Company
  • Structured training through a Registered Training Organisation (such as TAFE).

What is Skillset to an Apprentice or Trainee?

You are employed by Skillset. As your legal employer, Skillset will manage all employer responsibilities including payroll, Award wage information, tax deductions, Group Certificates (Payment Summaries), Worker’s Compensation, superannuation, annual leave, sick leave and public holidays.

You will be allocated a Service Consultant who will visit you periodically at your workplace over the course of your Apprenticehship or Traineeship.  Anything you speak to your Service Consultant about is considered confidential. They will always speak with you before taking action.

Click here to view your Apprenticeship Induction Handbook

Click here to view your Trainee Induction Booklet

Supervising your Apprentice or Trainee

Workplace supervisors play a key role in the success of apprenticeships and traineeships.

Appropriate supervision is a legal requirement under the industrial arrangements, the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act, 2001 and the training contract.

As a supervisor of an apprentice or trainee, you will act as a role model and a coach. The apprentice or trainee with come to yourself for guidance and training on how to complete their role.

The role of the supervisor is to:

  • Act as mentor and be a role model.
  • Provide a safe and supportive workplace environment.
  • Be familiar with the Training Plan and related training provided by the Registered Training Organization (RTO) with workplace tasks
  • Give clear and consistent instructions on work tasks
  • Guide and support
  • Monitor and keep records of progress
  • Provide feedback and encouragement
  • Work closely with the Skillset Workforce Consultant for training and mentoring against the training plan.

Related Information

Supervising your apprentice or trainee

Skillset Workforce will provide you with a dedicated Workforce Consultant and support service network through the life of your Apprentice or Trainee.

Click here to view the Skillset Host Induction Booklet 

Workplace Health and Safety Information 

Skillset Workforce recognises that Health, Safety and Environment and its People are its highest priority. Through the involvement, commitment and education of all people, a reduction of injuries and accidents continues to be achieved. Safety is an integral part of everything we do here at Skillset.

The success of the organisation and the wellbeing of our employees depend very largely on co-operation, trust and respect between all staff, and to promote this, the Handbook contains our safety, health and environmental requirements with regards to our commitment to you as your employer and your responsibilities as an employee. The Health and Safety of all employees is paramount and these requirements are designed to help you managed risk, whether you are in the office or on work site.

Click here to view our WHS Handbook.

The Role of Skillset Workforce 

Skillset Workforce will provide our Host Employers with Group Training support for the provision of Apprentices and Trainees.

Services include:

  • Recruitment
  • Support of Apprentice and Trainees
  • Vocational Training Compliance
  • Host Advice
  • Training Plan
  • WHS Support
  • Human Resources and Industrial Relations.
  • Injury Management
  • Payroll

Our aim is to maximise the success of the training for apprentices and trainees, and provide skilled employees to mentor the next generation of workers to meet the business challenges of the future.

Service Provision:


Our recruitment processes will provide you with the best available candidate to meet the needs of your business. In sourcing candidates, Skillset Workforce adhere to a results focused and proven Recruitment Methodology tailored to your workforce requirements. Our process includes 5 key stages and dedicated after service monitoring:


Support of Apprentice and Trainees

Skillset Workforce play a central role in the success of apprenticeships and traineeships. Our support involves pastoral care and mentoring via tailoring Supervision Plans to optimise their chances of success. It involves regular supervision meetings, monitoring of both on the job and off-the-job training performance (i.e. through TAFE or other Registered Training Organisations), and assisting you to resolve work performance issues.

Vocational Training Compliance

Skillset Workforce as the legal employer enters into a formal Training Contract with the apprentice or trainee, and ensures the Contract is registered with State Training Services. Skillset Workforce utilises the services of MEGT as our chosen ‘Apprentice Network Provider’ (APN) in establishing the Training Contract. Skillset Workforce works with the designated RTO to develop the Training Plan, and liaises with Host Employer to ensure that the competencies that make up the qualification are most relevant to the role undertaken.

Host Advice and Support

The Skillset Workforce dedicated team will engage with the Host employer on a regular basis to provide advice in relation to the apprentice and/or trainee’s performance, behaviour, and best supervision practices to support success.

Skillset also offers:

  • WHS and Injury Management.
  • Human Resources and Industrial Relations.
  • Finance and Payroll Services.

For more information regarding our service, please call 1300 853 525.

Complaints Procedure

Skillset Limited are committed to providing our customers and clients with high quality service which meets their reasonable expectations.

Skillset Limited appreciate that our customers’ needs are unique and varied. Our business will be conducted professionally and completed in an appropriate time-frame and our customers and clients will be treated with honesty and integrity at all times. A copy of our Customer and Client Service Policy can be viewed here.

An outline of our “Complaints Procedure” (Skillset Workforce Document Reference: WFFC010) is as follows:

  1. Complaint is received to Skillset Limited by calling 1300 853 525, via email or in person at: Skillset Limited,  341 Havannah St, Bathurst NSW 2795
  2. Complaint entered in Skillset Workforce Complaints Register.
  3. Escalate to Management.
  4. Investigation
  5. Complaint resolution and continuous improvement.

Answers to any enquiry or customer / client complaint will be addressed appropriately and as quickly as possible. If you require more information regarding our complaints procedure please contact: Anthea Koehn – Workforce Operations & Injury Manager or Meghan Golsby – Workforce Operations Coordinator on 1300 013 258.