Skillset Workforce - Australian Apprentice Wage SubsidyThe Australian Apprentice Wage Subsidy trial being launched on January 1, 2019 aims to support apprenticeships in skills need occupations in rural and regional areas. The subsidy will encourage participation in apprenticeships by employers who have not previously engaged apprentices, as well as re-engaging employers who may have disengaged from the system. Additional employer eligibility criteria will apply and local apprenticeship specialists Skillset are encouraging businesses to contact them for more information.

The Australian Apprentice Wage Subsidy is available to employers who sign-up and commence a new worker Australian Apprentice from 1 January 2019. The subsidy is capped at 1630 commencements, nationally.

The subsidy will cover up to 75 per cent of an apprentices first-year wage, reducing down to 25 per cent of the award wage by the third year of training.

Skillset Chief Executive Officer Craig Randazzo welcomes the announcement and the support it will provide to increase the number of apprentices in regional NSW. “This is a positive government initiative and will contribute towards addressing the skills gaps being felt across regional NSW. Employing an apprentice can be a rewarding and smart decision to make for your business, especially with the support and mentoring that Skillset provides with our fully managed service through Skillset Workforce.”

Mr Randazzo added that employers should be aware of eligibility requirements and seek advice from Skillset before hiring an apprentice. “There will be specific eligibility requirements and it is not guaranteed that businesses will receive the subsidy. We encourage businesses who are looking to take on an apprentice to contact Skillset Workforce. Managing apprentices can at times be complex and Skillset can assist with a number of services including recruitment, assessment, shortlisting, specialist mentoring, training support, safety assessments and general administrative assistance such as payroll and minimising workers’ insurance risks and costs.”

To find out more about recruiting an apprentice or trainee, and the Australian Apprentice Wage Subsidy, call Skillset Workforce on 1300 853 525 or email