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Central West Fitter Machinist Bradley Ingham, who completed his apprenticeship recently with Skillset Workforce has won a Silver Medal at the Worldskills competition in Abu Dhabi overnight.

The Australian team of 43 trades people won a total of 4 medals; 2 silver and 2 bronze, which saw them finish 10th overall in the competition, that comprised 3000 participants including competitors, experts and officials, from 77 countries competing in 51 skills.

To make Brad’s medal winning performance even more incredible, the gold medal winner in his category, Biao Song from China, went on to win the Albert Vidal Award, which recognises the competitor that achieves the overall highest score out of all competitors in all Skill categories.

Brad says he is stoked by his result. “I was shockingly nervous but it’s incredible,” he said. “I knew I was sort of up there a bit but wasn’t expecting a silver medal, it’s awesome. Time for a beer.”

Brad was hosted by Hort Enterprises in Orange, where he now works as a fully qualified tradesman. Engineering Manager at Hort Enterprises Chris Hutchinson said “ Hort Enterprises is extremely proud of his achievements. From day one Brad has shown great aptitude for the trade, and has always applied himself and taken pride in his work. Training and developing apprentices to be the best is a passion at Hort Enterprises, and Brad is definitely one of the best.”

Skillset CEO Craig Randazzo says the win is an extraordinary achievement and highlights the opportunities available to those pursuing a trade or skill “Brad has done us all proud and we are just thrilled for him. This is a well-deserved recognition of his skills and hard work. It demonstrates just how far an apprenticeship can take you. We love supporting our apprentices through their journey, and seeing them achieve at such a high level”.

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