2022 Central West Employment and Career Development Trends

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2022 Central West Employment and Career Development Trends

BY Skillset 25 Feb, 2022

We are well and truly into 2022 and already Skillset’s CareerLink program is starting to see some key employment and career development trends here in the Central West. These are:

Low unemployment = candidate job market

According to the ABS Labour Force Survey, the unemployment rate in the Central West is the lowest it has been for 15 years and is currently sitting at 2.4%.

At the moment, the amount of jobs available are exceeding the amount of candidates applying for jobs. Whilst this is a frustrating time for Central West businesses and organisations who are keen to hire staff, it does mean this is the perfect time to be looking for a job. There are currently jobs in every sector from entry level jobs through to C-level positions.

Given the shortage of candidates, many positions are being filled very quickly. If you are looking for a new role and have the right skills, it is highly likely the recruitment process will move fast!

Job readiness is important

The candidates having the most success with their job applications and job interviews are those that are ‘job ready’. Being job ready means:

  • Having an up to date and relevant resume/CV
  • Being positive and enthusiastic about wanting to work
  • At a minimum, having basic skills such as reading, writing, maths and digital skills
  • Having strong communication skills and the ability to engage with your employer, co-workers and customers
  • Having relevant qualifications and/or willing to engage in training/upskilling
  • Being open-minded about taking on roles and responsibilities which use your transferable skills.

Be persistent with your job search

Another trend Skillset is seeing – job seekers who are persistent with their job search are the ones securing employment opportunities. Therefore, it is important to:

  • Register your details and job seeking preferences with job boards such as SEEK, CareerOne and JORA
  • If you are keen to work for a government organisation or large business, these organisations often have their own recruitment websites/systems, so make sure you register your details with these
  • Regularly check job search information emailed from these registrations
  • Consider opportunities in your local area, and actively research and approach organisations that have positions that match your skills and experience
  • Continually update your CV/resume so it has the latest information about your skills and experience.

Connect with recruiters

As many organisations and businesses are looking for staff at the moment, there is considerable value in making contact with a local recruiter to find a job in the Central West.

Recruiters are currently talking to employers across a range of sectors and know where the job opportunities are. Once you are known to a recruiter, they can match you to jobs which require your skills and experience. They may even proactively talk to employers about candidates with specialised skills and abilities.

If you are searching for a job in the Central West, it is worthwhile updating your CV/resume and getting in contact with a recruiter who services this region. To make contact with Skillset’s recruitment services, click here and send us a message.

Consider education and training opportunities

One of the upsides of the covid-19 pandemic has been the increased availability of education opportunities. Some of these have been designed to quickly upskill people for jobs where there has been a sudden demand for services, whereas others have been specifically developed to address longer term gaps in the workforce.

If you are thinking about enhancing your skills in a particular area, or are contemplating retraining in another field, there are a plethora of education and training opportunities available at the moment. Visit the websites of TAFE NSW, universities, not for profit training and education providers, and private training organisations to find out what courses they are offering.

Also, if you are actively considering a change in career to a trade or vocational pathway, don’t discount apprenticeships and traineeships. In the current environment, many businesses and organisations who are looking for younger candidates to take up these opportunities cannot find them and are actively considering older candidates.

For more information about apprenticeships and traineeships in the Central West, contact Skillset.




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