Getting career-ready for 2022

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Getting career-ready for 2022

BY Skillset 02 Dec, 2021

If you are considering putting your job search on the back burner over the Christmas/New Year break and starting again in early 2022 – think again! Christmas/New Year is the perfect time to get ahead with your job readiness for the following year. So, rather than suspending your job search over the Christmas break, use this time to plan and refocus your activities for 2022 by:

Conducting research on organisations and businesses you are keen to work for

Use any downtime you have investigating organisations and businesses you might like to work for in the future. Have a look at their websites and review their ‘About Us’ section, their blog, their values and mission, and information on their senior management to work out if they are an organisation that would be a good fit for you. Specifically, check the Careers section on their website and find out what processes you need to follow to be considered for a new role. Also, once you have developed a shortlist of organisations, follow them on social media, such as Facebook and LinkedIn so you can get updates on their activities. Having this information will further develop your interest in working for these organisations, and will provide you with valuable intelligence that may be helpful in future job interviews.

Updating your CV/resume and LinkedIn profile

The Christmas/New Year break is a good time for updating your CV/resume and LinkedIn profile so these are current and ready for any job applications in 2022. Make sure you include all your recent working experience and any training you undertook in 2021. Also, undertake a review of the skills that you can offer an employer – are there any new skills that can be added to your list? Finally, check your contact details and make sure you include an email address and/or other contact information that you regularly use.

Reviewing your social media

Old social media posts can cause embarrassment and tarnish your reputation – particularly in the eyes of recruiters and potential employers. Therefore, over the Christmas/New Year break, take some time to look at your social media sites and review the content you have posted. If your posts go back several years, it is a good idea to remove any negative, inflammatory or undesirable posts, and reassess any individuals, organisations or causes you are following to ensure they are appropriate.

Once you have done this, perhaps it is time to rethink your social media strategy for the future? Rather than posting as a reaction or sharing content instantly, it may be better to put some thought into what you are going to post and possibly even limit your posts to certain topics. Ideally, your social media footprint should be positive. The golden rule is to keep away from posts that you wouldn’t want a potential employer or recruiter – or even your grandmother – to see!

Undertaking that online course you have been meaning to do

If you have a bit of free time over Christmas/New Year, then you might be able to upskill in a particular subject or competence by undertaking an online course. There are literally thousands of different online courses available (including many free courses) and once you have completed a course, you can add it into your CV/resume if it is relevant to jobs you are applying for. To research online courses, go to:

Submitting that job application!

If you see a job that interests you over the Christmas/New Year break, don’t put it to one side – make sure you apply for it!

Many employers continue to advertise jobs at this time of the year. Opportunely for you, less people look for work over this period so there may be less competition. This means your job application is more likely to get noticed. As a result, keep your job search going over the Christmas/New Year period and remember: don’t pass over any job opportunities that might come your way!

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