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Top 5 Career Podcasts

BY Skillset Marketing 04 Nov, 2021

Got some free time? If you are interested in receiving some thought-provoking and practical information about developing your career at a time and place that suits you, then try a podcast. Here are CareerLink’s top 5 podcasts for career development in November 2021:

This Working Life

Hosted by broadcaster, keynote speaker and CEO of a consultancy firm, Lisa Leong, this Australian podcast provides advice and tips for navigating the modern work environment. There is something for everyone in this podcast, no matter where you are on your career journey. Recent podcasts include useful tips on proving yourself as a junior employee and newcomer to a business, through to reinventing what retirement looks like with work.

7 Minute Job Interview

This US podcast is packed full of tips on job interviews and developing your CV/resume, as well as general career advice. Each podcast is short – on average 7 minutes and there are more than 370 podcasts to choose from. The audience for this podcast is definitely younger job seekers and those new to the world of employment, however there is still plenty of good advice for job seekers of all ages.

Bec Sands – Career Pivot

If you have been thinking of changing careers for a while and have been unsure about how to do it, then this podcast about pivoting your career will be extremely valuable. In each podcast, Australian career consultant, Bec Sands interviews women who have made the successful transition from one career to another – and lived to tell the tale! Inspiring and stimulating, Bec explores how each person made their career transition and their advice and tips for others.

The Job Interview Experience

If you want to sharpen your job interview skills and be prepared for almost any job interview scenario, then this podcast is for you. This US podcast focuses on everything there is do with job interviews including how to prepare for job interviews, advice on answering job interview questions and mistakes to avoid during job interviews. Well worth a listen!

SEEK Your Mind – How to look after your wellbeing while job hunting

Searching for a new job can be a daunting experience for anyone and the covid-19 pandemic has made it even more challenging! This Australian podcast by human resource consulting firm, SEEK is hosted by their resident psychologist, Sabina Read and provides simple but effective tips for staying positive through the 2021 job search experience. Sabine also chats with experts about everyday job hunting experiences and gets their advice on how to best deal with these.






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