Coming out of lockdown and looking for a job? Tips for reconnecting with your job search journey

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Coming out of lockdown and looking for a job? Tips for reconnecting with your job search journey

BY Skillset 18 Oct, 2021

Have you been looking for a new job but put the process on hold during lockdown? Here are some tips for reconnecting with your job search now that lockdown has lifted:

Remember: Having some anxiety is normal

It is completely normal to feel some anxiety as we emerge from lockdown and health restrictions are eased. Perhaps you feel worried about re-engaging with activities you did before? Maybe you are apprehensive about meeting people? Or maybe you have some concerns about what the future might look like?

It is possible this anxiety may be impacting on your job search. Just as it took some time to get accustomed to being in lockdown, it may take a bit of time to get familiar with life getting back to normal. Therefore, keep an open mind about participating again in activities, ease yourself into trying some old experiences, and slowly start to build up your confidence. If you feel you need help, reach out to family and friends, your GP or other mental health services such as Beyond Blue, The Black Dog Institute or Lifeline.

Get into a new routine

In lockdown, your daily routine might have been very simple. The day’s highlights probably consisted of meals, doing a spot of online shopping and the odd bit of exercise. Let’s be honest, you may not have worn anything other than active wear!

Now that lockdown is over and the restrictions are easing, it is important to get into a new routine. For a start, change out of that active wear (unless you are exercising!) and begin thinking about what your new daily routine will look like. Maybe there are some aspects about lockdown you would like to keep, such as cooking more or spending more time on a hobby? Perhaps there are parts of your lockdown lifestyle you want to leave behind?

In terms of your job hunt, prioritise the search for that new role in your ‘out of lockdown routine’ by:

  • Updating your CV/resume
  • Reviewing jobs available in the Central West
  • Setting up electronic job searches on job websites, such as SEEK
  • Finding out if there are any upcoming job fairs or expos in your area.

Reassess your job search

As restrictions lift and ordinary life returns, use this time to reassess your job search. Have your career goals changed over lockdown? Are you still looking for the same type of jobs?

The employment landscape has changed since the pandemic began in 2020. Whilst some industries have prospered as a result of the pandemic, others have been seriously disrupted. When looking for a new job, it is a good idea to know where the jobs are. According to October 2021 data by the Labour Market Information Portal, the biggest employing industries in the Central West are:

  • Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing
  • Health Care & Social Assistance
  • Education & Training
  • Accommodation & Food Services
  • Manufacturing

The National Skills Commission’s Internet Vacancy Index for August 2021 shows the jobs with the most vacancies in the Central West are currently:

  • Medical practitioners and nurses
  • Clerks, call centre workers and receptionists
  • Sales assistants and sales persons
  • Carers and aides
  • Automotive and engineering trades workers.

Therefore, if your job goals have changed and you are thinking of changing careers or moving to another sector, take some steps towards this transition by:

  • Conducting research on the types of roles that interest you
  • Reviewing your current skill set and working out whether you need to enhance your skill levels in one or more areas
  • Seeking the help of a CareerLink career development consultant if you need some assistance in determining your next steps.

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