The 100th job was pledged last Friday in the Pledg250 job creation campaign being run by Skillset Workforce to help address high youth unemployment in the region.

The campaign reached the 100 job milestone, pledged by Bathurst Express Freight, in only one month and Skillset Workforce Senior Manager Jane McWilliam believes the end of March target of 250 jobs is well in sight and this campaign may even exceed that number. “Our last Pledge250, which was also the first time we had run this campaign, we took 2 months to get to 100 jobs. This year we have done it in one month which is an incredible result and we thank all the businesses who have jumped on board so quickly and opened up all these exciting job opportunities. We have so many young people leaving school across the region and to have so many jobs available for them this early is wonderful. We are really keen to have 150 jobs pledged by Christmas and encourage any businesses out there who are thinking about putting on new staff in the New Year to contact us. We can help with all your recruitment needs, and have special expertise in apprenticeships and traineeships. Providing skills and jobs across the region is what we are passionate about.”

While youth (ages 15-24) unemployment in the region has dropped from 12.2% to 10.8% since July 2016, it is still more than twice the rate of the total unemployment rate for the region which is now 4.5% (Dept. of Employment Oct 2017).

As well as helping create jobs across the region Skillset Workforce are also running Skills4Trade pre-employment programs to assist young people in being ready to move into these roles. Skills4Trade programs are currently running across Bathurst, Orange, Mudgee and Dubbo, with more scheduled for early in the New Year. These programs include a work placement component and so offer businesses the option of hosting a candidate on a ‘try before you buy’ basis.

The Skills4Trade/Pedge250 programs won the Industry Collaboration Award at this years NSW Training Awards, recognising the skills and job creation model for its high levels of innovation and impact.

To find out more about Pledging a Job and Changing a Life call 1300 853 525, email or visit