Welcome to Skillset Environment

Skillset Environment provides creative and effective solutions for Landscape, Energy, Waste and Buildings.

We focus on sustainable design, planning, training and consultancy for natural resource management, waste management, renewable energy, and energy efficiency. Below are some of the programs we are or have been involved in.

Skillset Environment Programs

In 2012, Skillset constructs the Flannery Centre – a 6 star rated Green Building Council of Australia facility. Annual energy energy costs are less than half of many comparable buildings, and it has hosted over $8M worth of environmental related government funded programs.

Skillset won $1.25M over 3 years under the Low Income Energy Efficiency Program to test an innovative approach using ‘gamification’ to raise energy efficiency awareness in young people. 924 participants signed up to play PowerPlay, which won an Australian App Industry Design Award in 2014 and received a Highly Commended in ‘Outstanding Achievement – Natural Environment/Green’ from the Interactive Media Council in New York.  94% of actively engaged participants reported changing behaviours to reduce energy use.

Skillset partners with Green Homes Australia to develop course content to train builders and educate the wider community on the value and smarts of building ‘green’. Over 50 builders and partners have been trained contributing to about 400 energy efficient homes. On-line training is currently in development.

Skillset develops and delivers Natural Landscape Function, an alternative education for landholders to reduce erosion, increase soil carbon, biodiversity and productivity. The training is delivered to over 145 participants. 44.4% of workshop participants changed or improved property management practices after attending and 76.9% said they were more likely to make sustainable changes.

Skillset became the Inland Region Facilitator for the NSW EPA’s inaugural Industrial Ecology Program, aiming to create social and economic good by diverting industrial waste from landfill. 59 organisations were signed into the program representing several thousand employees. Working with project partners Jacobs, Skillset helped solve logistical problems for 12 companies including diverting 30,000 pallets and redirecting more than 4000 tonnes p.a. of organic sludge from landfill to compost.

Skillset partnered with Campbell Page (CP) to deliver Green Army in NSW, ACT and QLD. Skillset’s Environmental Advisory Group, of nationally recognised experts, was established to best inform project design. Skillset delivered 65 projects and worked with Campbell Page on 160 projects. Department of Environment figures showed that we led and performed above the program average for 72% of the core deliverables, including Indigenous participation which is at 30%. Campbell Page and Skillset have planted over 220,000 trees and revegetated around 3,500ha.of land.

Skillset has developed Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy tools for helping businesses and households understand and reduce their energy use. Skillset also coaches local governments to develop Renewable Energy Action Plans. One medium sized manufacturing firm saved $11K from our first visit and $36Kp.a. from then on. The Blayney Shire Council assessment identified over $10K in annual savings, resulting in investment in a Renewable Energy Action Plan which will return a minimum of $500K to the local community over 10 years.

Skillset devised and delivered Spark Tank, an innovative Thriving Regional Communities program for the Office of Environment and Heritage. Using a game-like approach to generate conversation and applications for funding community-driven energy efficiency projects Spark Tank generated 40 project concepts, 21 project plans, 11 finalists and 7 winners, who shared in $54K of project funding delivering energy efficiency programs.

Skillset has developed a social enterprise, Skillset Environment Land Works to continue training young people for outdoor and natural resource industries, while completing conservation landscaping works for Landcare, farmers, local government and schools etc. Profits are returned to the local community to train Crews and complete more projects. In the first 9 months Land Works completed 53 projects, employing 31 individuals to plant 5,400 trees and shrubs and perform weed control over 20ha. of land.

Skillset has partnered with industry experts and installers to educate consumers and businesses on energy efficiency, renewable energy and battery storage options. The first Sunshare event attracted 240 people representing 100 households. 30 went on to have detailed assessments and around 15 have ordered systems.