Pledge a job today and help Skillset Workforce reach their target of 250 jobs for young people.

Skillset is committed to helping young people in the Central West and is now running pre-employment programs across the region for 17-24 year old’s to assist them in becoming work ready and give them the best chance to secure employment.

We are calling on local businesses to pledge jobs for these young people – casual, part time, full time, or an apprenticeship or traineeship – whatever you have that will give them a start. We will  then match you with one of our candidates.


Call: 1300 853 525  Email:

Pledge250 Dashboard

Pledge 250 Tally

Percentage to Target


Pledged 250 Tally Board

3HV Mechanic (Mobile Equipment)Bathurst
41st Year Carpentry ApprenticeBathurst
51st Year Carpentry ApprenticeBathurst
6Business TraineeBathurst
7Drafting TraineeBathurst
8Horticulture TraineeBathurst
9HV ApprenticeBathurst
10Panel BeaterDubbo
11Bricklayer Dubbo
12BoilermakerOrange / West Wyalong
13Heavy Vehicle Apprentice Orange / West Wyalong
15Boilermaker Dubbo
16Business TraineeDubbo
171st Year Carpentry ApprenticeCobar
181st Year EngineeringDubbo
191st Year Glazier Dubbo
20HV ApprenticeDubbo
21HV ApprenticeDubbo
22Horticulture ApprenticeDubbo
23Bricklaying ApprenticeDubbo
24Childcare TraineeDubbo
25Teacher AssistantDubbo
26Horticulture ApprenticeOrange
27Civil Construction ApprenticeOrange
29Horticulturalist Orange
30Electrical ApprenticeshipOrange
31Boilermaker Apprenticeship Dubbo
32Fitter Machinist ApprenticeshipDubbo
33Boilermaker ApprenticeshipOrange
34Boilermaker ApprenticeshipOrange
35Boilermaker ApprenticeshipOrange
36Boilermaker ApprenticeshipOrange
37Boilermaker ApprenticeshipOrange
38Boilermaker ApprenticeshipOrange
39Heavy Vehicle ApprenticeshipOrange
40Heavy Vehicle ApprenticeshipOrange
41Heavy Vehicle ApprenticeshipOrange
42Heavy Vehicle ApprenticeshipOrange
43Fitter Machinist ApprenticeshipOrange
44Fitter Machinist ApprenticeshipCobar
45Fitter Machinist ApprenticeshipCobar
46Boilermaker ApprenticeshipCobar
47Heavy Vehicle ApprenticeshipCobar
48Electrical Apprentice Mudgee
49Electrical Apprentice Mudgee
50Electrical Apprentice Mudgee
51Mobile Plant Apprentice Mudgee
52Mobile Plant Apprentice Mudgee
53Plant Fitter Apprentice Mudgee
54Underground Mining Trainee Mudgee
55Underground Mining Trainee Mudgee
56Underground Mining Trainee Mudgee
57Underground Mining Trainee Mudgee
58Underground Mining Trainee Mudgee
59Underground Mining Trainee Mudgee
60Mining Surface TraineeMudgee
61Mining Surface TraineeMudgee
62Mining Surface TraineeMudgee
63Mining Surface TraineeMudgee
64Mining Surface TraineeMudgee
65Mining Surface TraineeMudgee
66Mining Surface TraineeMudgee
67Mining Surface TraineeMudgee
68Heavy Vehicle Apprentice Mudgee
69Heavy Vehicle Apprentice Mudgee
70Heavy Vehicle Apprentice Mudgee
71Heavy Vehicle Apprentice Mudgee
72Heavy Vehicle Apprentice Mudgee
73Trainee - Cert III Library and Info ServicesMudgee
74Trainee - Cert III Warehousing Operations Mudgee
75Apprentice - Cert III Civil ConstructionMudgee
76Apprentice - Cert III Sports Turf Management Mudgee
77Carpentry ApprenticeMudgee
78Temp Labourer Bathurst
79Temp AdminOrange
80Project CoordinatorOrange
81Project Assistant Bathurst
82Finance ManagerBathurst
83Site ManagerBathurst
84HR ManagerBathurst
85Spare Interpreters Bathurst
86Office Administrator Bathurst
87Finance TraineeBathurst
88Electrical ApprenticeBathurst
89Fitter Machinist ApprenticeBathurst
90Fitter Machinist ApprenticeBathurst
91Fitter Machinist ApprenticeBathurst
92Record Keeping TraineeBathurst
93IT TraineeNarromine
94Engineering ApprenticeMudgee
95Process WorkerOrange
96Process WorkerOrange
97Process WorkerOrange
98Process WorkerOrange
99Process WorkerOrange
100Delivery DriverBathurst
102Retail TraineeParkes
103Business TraineeOrange
104Wine Operations TraineeOrange
105Boilermaker ApprenticeOrange
106Fitter MachinistOrange
111Warehouse TraineeBathurst
112Marketing ManagerBathurst
113Chief Financial OfficerBathurst
114Horticulture TraineeOrange
115Business TraineeOrange
117Carpentry ApprenticeForbes
118Horticulture TraineeOrange
119Carpentry ApprenticeForbes
120Plumbing ApprenticeWellington
121HV ApprenticeOrange
122Hospitality TraineeOrange
123Carpentry ApprenticeOrange
124Carpentry ApprenticeOrange
125Light Vehicle ApprenticeDubbo
126Heavy Vehicle ApprenticeDubbo
127Boilermaker ApprenticeDubbo
128Maintenance PlannerMudgee
129Surface TraineeMudgee
130Administration AssistantOrange
131Production SchedulerOberon
132Light Vehicle ApprenticeDubbo
133Bricklaying ApprenticeDubbo
134Carpentry ApprenticeDubbo
135Carpentry ApprenticeBathurst
136Carpentry ApprenticeBathurst
137Office ManagerBathurst