Pioneer Dairy Project Delivers

Pioneer Dairy Project Delivers

On Friday, 2 December 2016 Skillset Green Army completed the Central Coast Wetlands Riparian Corridor linking Dairy Swamp and Wyong River project in Tuggerah in partnership with Project Host, Pioneer Dairy. This project is a prime example of the important environmental work the Green Army has achieved.  This was the 4th and final Pioneer Dairy project which had commenced out of the very first round of the Green Army in October 2014 and consequently concludes Skillset’s delivery of Round 1 projects.

The project site was 155 hectares in a unique location adjacent to rail line and lies between the suburb of Tuggerah/Wyong and Tuggerah Lakes. The site included creeks, wetlands and areas requiring bush regeneration along various water courses as well as several heritage buildings associated with the old Pioneer Dairy. The project included construction of boardwalks adjacent to the natural Wetland Area referred to as the Pioneer Dairy Swamp. The project also included development of a community propagation facility east of the Pedestrian Precinct around the heritage buildings.

Some of the environmental outcomes of the project include:

  • 16Ha of revegetation work completed.
  • 4595 plants propagated
  • 37.15Ha of weed treatment.

Aside from important environmental outcomes Green Army projects have also delivered significant social benefits and the Dairy Creek project is no exception. The project facilitated to employment and graduation  of 30 young people – which means they now have significant work experience, skills and qualifications with which to enter the job market. The Tuggerah Green Army team also produced Skillset’s Green Army Participant of the Year – 2015/16 Emma Weatherstone. Emma was integral in the production of a 143 page Ecological Site Assessment of the Pioneer Dairy site along with the Team Supervisor and two other participants, who also co-authored the report.

Green Army programs such as Dairy Creek have been happening across Australia over the past 2 years – delivering critical resources to important local environmental projects and we are proud to celebrate the end of another project successfully delivered. As the Green Army slogan says “LOCAL PEOPLE LOCAL PROJECTS” – it doesn’t get much better than that.

Draft Climate Change Fund Strategic Plan

Draft Climate Change Fund Strategic Plan


Skillset has thrown its support behind the Climate Change Fund Draft Strategic Plan launched last month by Environment Minister Mark Speakman for the Baird Government. The plan is backed by a $500 million investment to 2022 and contains a range of proposed policy frameworks and actions that address the challenges and opportunities around climate change. Headline objectives include achieving net zero emissions by 2050 and making NSW more resilient to a changing climate. 

Skillset Environment Senior Manager Ashley Bland says the plan is one of the most progressive in the world and recognised the vast benefits to be realised from the global response to climate change. “The plan shows what many of us have been saying for years now; that environmentally focussed policy is not only the right thing to do morally, but represents a major economic opportunity –particularly for regional Australians” he said. “As an example, the $200 million invested in helping NSW residents be more energy efficient not only helps those people and businesses immediately, but also is estimated to provide up to 870 jobs and save $17 billion by 2050. That’s not to mention the jobs and growth supported by the advanced energy strategy”.

The government is interested in public feedback on the document and is asking people to make submissions online.  Skillset will be making a submission and is happy to include thoughts from the community. If you have any ideas or feedback please email us before December 16 at .

And of course our Spark Tank Program funded by Office of Environment and Heritage is still open for applications so if you have a practical idea about how to save energy you can also put an idea forward for start-up funding here. Applications close December 12.

Skillset is committed to the future of regional Australians. Skillset – Your Future Our Focus